What does it profit a woman to have a full set of Tae-Bo videos in her cupboard, but not use them for a year?

Last night that unprofitability came to an end! After work my legs were feeling swollen from a day on my rear end behind a desk, and what better way to cure that than a couple of kicks, punches and butt-crunching leg-lifts! For half an hour I tried to keep up - and discovered just how unfit and unstrong I've become...

But it's a start. I've found a time-slot to do this, I've figured out my "but I can't..."s, and it's time to do it.

To motivate myself further, I had my son take a couple of "before" pictures, which I am definitely not posting on this blog, unless and until there are some much better "after" ones.

I've been drinking loads of water at work, and thanks to the evening exercise suppers are not an option. I'm just not hungry enough. Fruit maybe, but nothing more.

And the strange thing is, after just one session my pants are slightly, ever so slightly, looser this morning! That was fast! Slept pretty well too. Things are looking up in the health department.