Quick Updates

Teaching: I've given a "provisional yes" to the boss re teaching basic web design, but apparently last year's lecturer got so frustrated with the student's inability to learn anything that he barely scratched the surface of what he'd hoped to teach! I'm supposed to be paid contract lecturer fees for teaching, but now I hear that full-time employed staff who are asked to teach will be requested to do it "as part of their work hours", ie we won't get paid extra. Oh joy.... Anyway, I hope I get students who have at least part of a brain, and don't make me demand danger pay for undue stress.

Music: I cut my first CD yesterday, with a few pretty cool downloads. The CD contains:

Bed of Roses - Guns 'n Roses
Believe - Cher
White Wedding - Billy Idol
Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby Mcferrin
Insomnia - Faithless (the only rave I ever went to featured Faithless and this song, and was incredibly awesome!)
Love in an elevator - Aerosmith
This Love - Maroon 5
Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil
Always look on the bright side of life - Monty Python
Broken Wings - Mr Mister
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
We Will Rock You / Champions - Queen
Who Let the Dogs Out? - Baha Men

And now you've learnt more about me from my choice of music than you ever might otherwise! :)

My son is currently over-playing extra-loud "who let the dogs out". But he's very into a lot of the other ones too now. Poor kid.... imagine having me as an influence at that age!