No Resolutions, just a wish list

I'm not one to make new year's resolutions, though now and then I do tend to sit down and write out a "plan" for the year. This usually happens at odd times, and not just once a year.

Going into 2005, there are ideas bouncing around in my head as to what I'd like to do this year. There are some things that I HAVE to do (like lose weight - apparently it's starting to affect my blood pressure...), but there are some others I'd like to do, and some I dream of doing.

So I can get them down "on paper" (I'm a visual person), I'm going to list them here.

1. Learn to play the guitar. Or even better - learn to play the harp. I have no idea why I suddenly want to do this. I did try guitar "unofficially" a few times, but ended up with sore fingertips. I can, however, already play the piano pretty well, so perhaps my musical instincts are seeking an additional outlet. The harp has always been something I've wanted to try - the inside of a piano looks like a harp, so the notes must work similarly, and I'm sure I'd be able to learn it quickly. I'd also like to buy a large marimba and a djembe drum, as my African musical roots need an outlet too.

2. Lose afforementioned weight. Now a matter of health and not just image or expense (having to buy new clothes 'cos you don't fit the old ones).

3. Business plans. At the end of this month I'll be purchasing a web domain for my business and setting up a site. I still need to decide exactly what I'll be offering as products. At the moment there's such a variety of stuff I want to do, that it will be impossible to start with it all. I'm confident this is going to work out well though, and am very positive about the possibilities once it's off the ground.

4. Get going on the woodworking. Also at the end of this month, I'll be purchasing my first woodworking tools - a drill and jigsaw and perhaps orbital sander. I already have some wood I "fossicked" from behind the mall, which I hope to make into a small cupboard for my son's overflowing goodies, or one for the kitchen where I desperately need more storage space. I'd like to experiment with organic shapes and natural textures, and perhaps one day turn this into either a profitable hobby, or just one that fills my home with wonderful hand-made goodies.

5. Make peace with the fact that a spiritual life does not follow a set pattern, and that it's ok to wander a bit.

That's all I have time for now - suddenly I'm rushing around. May add to the list later.