Dreaming of a Man

No, I'm not busy falling in love or anything! :) Still happily single, thanks.


I while back I blogged on an ex-boyfriend that had turned into a well-known chef. Well, in the many boxes in my garage I found a Bible my parents gave him at his baptism years ago, and which he left amoung our stuff when he still lived with us (after I dated him...long story, but he was like an extra son to the parents). So I set about trying to track him down, with a view to getting it back to him and perhaps saying hi.

Well, I found him upcountry, after a very long search and a few both helpful and unhelpful folk. I have packaged up the Bible and added a letter with news and photos of our family, and it's ready to go.

But the funny thing is, ever since I found out where he was, I've been having these strange dreams. Dreams of us together again, having fun and enjoying each other's company. Usually my son never turns up in my dreams, especially in connection with any guy I dream about, but he's been in these ones. Very, very strange.

And quite scary!

I AM happily single, and have no desire to get back together with this guy, or any other guy for that matter. And yet, he was the last guy I truly loved, but he hurt me so badly when we split that I haven't been able to love wholly since - something he doesn't know a thing about. So my subconcious has probably taken all that info, along with the fact that I know where he is now, and turned it into a strange, recurring dream.

Anyway, whatever I may be dreaming, the package goes off this week, and he may or may not reply to my letter. I've not asked him to, but my contact details are on my home-made letterhead.

So we'll see.

Hopefully sending the package will now put a stop to those dreams!!!