Of Friends and Guys

Was pondering, during another weekend of going nowhere, seeing no-one, what's up with my life. Socially speaking.

I've let a lot of friendships die out over the past few years, getting too absorbed in day-to-day survival to take time out. We've been short on cash for entertaining for the past few years, and my house hasn't been conducive to the odd dropping-in of random visitors (see barky dogs at front gate and awful old stinky carpets in lounge...). I've changed churches, then dropped out of church and lost contact with the church folk. My views have shifted, and I can't relate to certain people the same way I used to because of that. I have trouble conversing when they see things so differently to the way I do now. I've become very much a home-body. I see folk all week long, and just want to sit at home and do nothing most weekends. But it's also started to get a bit boring and irritating with just the two of us, doing not a heck of a lot except the housework, a spot of cooking and an afternoon nap or two.

And then there's the "guys" thing.

Been thinking about that too lately, and perhaps I'm almost ready to consider dating. But where to meet guys? Especially as a single mom? There's no way I'm hanging out in bars or clubs, and not attending church means I don't meet anyone there (not that there was anyone to meet, anyway). I'm not involved in any clubs or associations, and I'm not going to eye the new student intake for potentials! :) There's always the internet - major dodgy!

But perhaps a solution to both of these scenarios is to get back into the friends scene. To look up folk I haven't seen in years, try and get over my issues with some of them (there's one single mom who really wants to be my friend, but who irritates the heck out of me!), or maybe find an interesting club to join and get the two of us involved. Will have to investigate what's available in the area.

It's not that I'm lonely, but it's that my son and I are missing out on vital interaction, and he's losing out on certain social skills (how do you teach table manners when you don't own a table? :) ). He's gotten into the habit of not eating a blessed thing if we're eating at someone else's house - he doesn't like food he doesn't know, refuses to even try it, goes home hungry and gets car-sick on the way...! Time for that to change.

But I'm positive about this year ("positive post" to follow shortly!), and I think we might be able to do something about our cut-off-edness (???) pretty soon. It's just going to take some effort, time, possible cash, and a little less sitting around doing nothing.