A change and a holiday

I'm back! Anyone miss me? :)

My carpets are clean, and so are the windows, but after a solid first day of cleaning, I decided to actually have a bit of a holiday for the remaining days, so the rest of my over-full agenda fell by the wayside.

It's strange, but those three days off felt like weeks! I was able to fit enough relaxation and doing things I enjoy into them that it's made the world of difference to coming back to work today.

I got to pop in at a local junk shop that's piled high with treasures, and found another 6 Reader's Digest Condensed Books volumes to add to the 99 I already possess - I use them as "bath books", reading for an hour or so every night in a long, deep bath in my ancient tub. Call it "me time". I did some out-of-bath reading too. Yesterday morning I got a kid-free shopping time! It's a big difference from not only being dragged into everything resembling a toy shop, but also from being begged constantly for extra's like cash and sweets. I managed to see the insides of shops I hadn't visited yet (like those hip little boutiques that sell clothes I wouldn't be seen dead in). I stopped off at the fabric shop in town to look at patterns and material. I made fudge (delicious!). I took afternoon naps. I sat out in the sun and enjoyed my garden.

And then I landed running.... right away there were 5 "challenges" lined up and seeking attention. But I'm handling them better today than I would have on Monday, when I was worn out and stressed up from months of constant motion.

Back to the grindstone it is!