Silence is Golden

This blogspace will be rather quiet for the next 3 days. I'm taking time off work in lieu of the many hours worked during my official holiday time, which adds up to 3 whole days!

But no, I won't be lazing around doing nothing. I've asked for the company carpet-cleaning machine, and will be doing all our carpets. In addition, I've made room-by-room lists of everything that needs doing, whether cleaning, sorting, replacing, chucking or whatever. It's quite daunting, but sure to keep me out of mischief! If I can find the cash, I'll get in a company to steam-clean the couches and bed bases/mattresses too.

They say housework is really good exercise. I sincerely hope so. I know moving a piano is no mean task on my own... It's not on castors, so the push/pull and slide thing is how it gets from one place to another. The last time I tried it my back knew about it for ages!

I'm looking forward to having a truly sparkling house by the end of the week. I always feel loads better coming home to a tidy and clean area, and it helps to be organized just in case someone stops by unexpectedly. This coming weekend I'm expecting my brother, his wife and their son (now crawling) to visit, and there's nothing like a kid scooting around on the floor to make one realize what's down there. However, he can move in peace soon.

So that's it. I'll be back on Friday and hope my fingers won't be too stiff to type!