Valentine's Day

So, it's THAT day again, and I know I'm not making anything big of it, but I did just have to say this much:

* My son secretly ordered me a cherry lollipop with a verse and red "I love you" heart on it. He had told me he was going to send it to himself, but came home with it for me! What a wonderful kid I have.

* And then this afternoon a big basket of flowers arrived from my mom! How cool is that! She's the one who should be getting flowers, yet she sends them to me. They're beautiful and colourful and everyone is major jealous.

This evening I want to do something special for my kid. I didn't make or buy him anything, but want to make it a special mom & son night. Perhaps I'll get him a treat too. But if I know anything about kids, undivided attention is worth more than material goods.

Unfortunately we ran out of time this weekend and didn't get those heart-shaped cookies baked to hand out, but I have been putting little notes in postboxes here to show folk we love them. Perhaps next year...

Happy Valentine's Day to all!