The Last of the Arachnids

I was just heading for bed yesterday when I happened to glance up in the bathroom, and who should be perched on the ceiling but a rather large 6-legged rain spider! They're not harmful or anything, just major freaky, and big, and I don't like anything with more than 4 legs (if he'd lost another 2 I might have liked him better).

Well, there was no way in heck we were going to go pee in the night with that thing poised above the Great White Throne, so the only thing to do was get it out.

As it seemed to have come in via the air vent (one of those built-in brick thingies with holes like a grid on both sides, except ours is missing a piece where some vicious mice ate it away a year or so back), I though if I sprayed insect killer in the general direction it would be intelligent enough to get out via the hole it came in by.

Unfortunately, having already lost two of its legs, I should have realized it wasn't the cleverest of beasts. Instead of heading out, it headed down, and across, toward the basket where shampoo and shavers are kept and behind the geyser (hot-water heater). There it proceeded to jerk around and curl up into a ball - obviously the spray was stronger than I thought. So I had to put it out of its misery and give it the rest of the nearly-empty can.

This morning I went looking to see where it ended up, and found it in the drain hole of the bath. Managed to wash it, and all its remaining legs, down the drain and outta sight.

But that didn't prevent me from having spider-related dreams all night! And there was more than one....

Here's a little trivia for you: research says that in our lifetimes we're likely to swallow eight spiders in our sleep - without us ever being the wiser. Though they're probably only little ones, or at least I hope so.