Theme Parks

Just trying to pull some images off the net for my son's "Creation/Evolution" poster (due tomorrow, but not yet started, as usual...I see another late night in our future!), and while searching for "animal kingdom" came across THE Animal Kingdom that Disney has decided simply must be presented to the public, instead of folk heading out to see the real thing in its natural environment.

Which brought me to ponder this:

Who on earth thought that dressing up in a big, very much artifical fish/fowl/beast costume would be a good idea? We all know the guy inside is probably either suffering heat exhuastion or oxygen deprivation, the costumes "do not the creature create", and they in no way resemble anything either living or dead that actually exists.

And yet theme parks are over-run with outsize fish, happy-to-meet-you cartoon characters, bouncing purple dinosaurs or any other variety of strange beast.

One wonders what an alien stopping by this ball of rock would think of the whole thing.