What a night!

We had quite an evening last night. Fitted so much into it that it felt like a whole weekend, to tell the truth.

First off, straight home from work I grabbed the nearest dog, told him it was "dog wash day" and dumped him in the tub. He was dying for a dog-wash, he was wiggling all over with anticipation as the water ran in. This, from a dog who runs and hides when I turn on the hosepipe to water the garden! Seems his aversion to water is seasonal... Well, he was so skin-happy after the bath that he tore all over the lawn, rubbing his face in the grass and wiggling on his back. Strange beast! :) The other dog hid under the bed and growled. His day will come....

Then we decided on the spur of the moment to have a mid-week braai (barbecue) for supper. Headed off to buy wood, marshmallows, rolls and a couple of chicken drumsticks (the only meat I'll eat, and the only way I'll cook it). Back home got the fire going, marinated the sacrificial offering briefly, then cooked it all, with some vegetarian sausages for the kid - just before a cold front moved in with icy winds and later dumped rain on the area. By then, fortunately, we were done with the braaing. We got to watch the storm come in through a colourful sunset.

To end off the evening, I realized there was a one-day cricket match on TV - us vs. England. Who have beaten us wholly in the 5-day series, and left us with mud on the face and bruised ego's. Well, we were doing pretty well, up to a point. By the time I'd jumped in and out of a quick bath though things were looking hairy. We were down to needing just one run off one ball at the end of the match to win - and the guy got stumped out! Darn. Another tie. The crowd, who had been on their feet and shouting for a couple of overs as our men hit sixes and fours, suddenly went very quiet. Ah well, another match up soon, and they'd better get themselves organized this time! Getting tired of our confused and mistake-ridden team making a mess of things.

It was a pretty good evening, for a mid-week! Except that now I need a weekend to catch up on a bit of a late night...