Good morning, and here is the news. Headlining today is yet another twist in the Australian saga...

My dad just emailed me with BIG news that the denomination he works for is willing to try sponsor me to move to Australia, as they've now been registered as a sponsoring organization - and that if they do so, the visa could take a mere TWO DAYS. If that isn't the scariest thing I've heard in a while I'll eat my keyboard...!

It seems they've made contact with a migration official who is willing to look over my CV, see if I have a "strong" one, and then find a way to get me there. In addition, one of the denomination's offices is looking to include me in a project, using my "special skills" (ie I'm qualified in a range of completely different areas!) as sponsorship basis.

Shucks, this is hectic! I mean, we were trying to move and all, but after the recent dissapointments we're back on that roller-coaster ride of "just maybe".

I honestly don't know what to think, whether to get my hopes up or not. I've gotten them up in the past and had them dashed, and it's getting harder to get them up again.

So today I'll be emailing off my CV, and then waiting...

That was this morning's news bulletin. Thank you for tuning in and have a good day!

(Weather is up next - or not)