The Cape Town UFO

Last night's local news ran a story on a possible UFO sighting over Cape Town - with video footage! (of course they made us wait until the end of the news to report it, after headlining it at the beginning...)

Seems this couple was coming over a mountain pass toward Cape Town at around 3 in the morning, and spotted a large red flattened disk hovering over the city lights. It seemed to glow and pulsate, then suddenly disappeared! Thankfully they had a video camera with them and captured the whole event on tape.

Back in Cape Town they took it to experts, who solemnly proclaimed it to be... - moonset. They'd caught the moon through a couple of layers of pollution over the city, just as it touched the horizon (or was half-gone), which made it seem odd-shaped and red. Light waves made it move slightly, and it's disappearance was caused by it setting completely!

Ah well, it was a nice bit of excitement while it lasted. And no, they weren't drunk.