Random Thoughts on a potential Quick Move

Moving continents is an ideal chance to re-invent yourself. You're going to meet people who have no history with you, so you can make yourself into whomever you want! That's both a good and a bad thing...

First impressions count. And I need to lose weight. I also need to get my health sorted out - not too well today, and not sure how long I'll be here, but it's becoming a regular thing to fall ill lately.

What the heck am I going to do with my dogs? I wouldn't give them to just anyone. They're sensitive souls and need just the RIGHT home. Perhaps Didi's breeder can help find a schipperke-friendly family for each of them. And Sid needs snipping... The fish I can find a home for without a problem. Perhaps even at my brother's place. Little Ethan is fascinated by it!

Same thing with the garden. Rose bushes will go to the campus rose beds, but I hope whomever takes over my place leaves the white mulberry tree alone. They're not a common occurance.

It's a struggle to think about selling just about everything. It's going to be hard to do so. But there are things that I will not sell - like the piano, many of my books, my son's toys (most of them, anyway), and a couple of sentimental goodies. I also need to buy a few things - I want to take an African drum, marimba and kalimba or two (finger-"piano") with me if we go. I want to get those anyway, so they're good investments.

It's a good thing I haven't splurged on anything. But there's some financial sorting out to do before we can go anywhere.

Am I really going to survive Australia? As a foreigner? As a person? As a South African?

My son's schooling is a big issue. I'd like him to attend a Christian school in Australia, but realize how costly that can be. Balance - how to find balance? Is he going to fit in OK, grade-wise and friend-wise? I know he'll enjoy being near his grandparents, but he's going to miss his life here - his uncles, his friends, his dogs, his lifestyle. Will this be a good or a bad thing for him?

I wonder how much official notice I'd have to give here... better check it out and get it in writing. I think it's a month, but they may make an exception.

I've got to get that work website finished - NOW. Need to write up my job's "book of how to do things" too, to help whomever might get this position after I'm gone. I'm not the type just to disappear and let the next person figure it out for themselves - like I had to when I arrived here. It would be helpful if I wrote out that missing job description too...

I wonder if I'm getting in a tizz for nothing. After all, this is all dependant on getting a job offer, and I'm not sure there will be anything available for a while yet. But better prepared than not, I guess.

I need to hold a massive garage sale - move or not. There's just way too much stuff up there. (the garage is up a hill from the house) It could be turned into cash instead of just lying around. A lot of cash.

OK, random thoughts over. On to other things.