I have too many boxes. I can never resist a good, empty cardboard box. I take it home "just in case", and stick it in the garage, or fill it with stuff that ends up in the garage (yes, I have a shortage of storage in my house). I think it's an inherited tendancy from Great Aunt Geraldine, who was a complete and utter pack-rat. When she died it was a mission to clear out her place!

I insist that the toilet paper rolls over the top, not under the bottom.

I can't leave work without my desk being clear and my computer properly shut down. Even if means that all my work is just in one pile.

I tend to straighten things to line up - pot-plants, pens, papers, ornaments, chairs, you name it.

If precisely the needed number of sweetener tablets falls out of the container for my morning coffee, I assume it's going to be a good day. If I get more or less than required, it's not. (Some people read tea-leaves, I read sweetener! :) )

I hate it when a loaf of bread is cut skew. Or there's jam in the peanut-butter, or marmite in the butter, or spreads left on the knife.

I can't understand a lack of logical thinking in others.

I drift down long hills in neutral when driving to conserve petrol (or so I think). I listen to the car for strange noises, am alert to strange smells, and feel for strange wobbles constantly, yet not conciously.

I stack washed dishes to dry in a specific order - big plates at the back, bowls all together, cups by size, cutlery by type. I fit a lot into the rack and it makes packing away easier.

I'm a stickler for doing things right - MY right way of course. Like making sure the copies you're doing are DONE - and not walking away to leave them to their own devices, to get stuck or run out of paper or something. (And I keep an ear tuned to machine-noise clues too, which enables me to jump up and fix a problem as it's happening, much to the amazement of some.) Like spreading bread to the edges of the slice instead of slapping butter and stuff randomly. Like stapling papers at a 45 degree angle in the corner, not straight across the top of the page. Like filling a coffee mug to precisely the right level. Like hanging a towel straight to dry instead of throwing it over the rail with folds and lumps. Like parking precisely between the lines, straight and not at an angle.

No wonder I'm not married already! :)