The Magic Box of Lies

To amuse ourselves one day, a friend and I hit upon The Magic Box of Lies game. We'd ask a random question, then switch on the radio for a few seconds - and see what it answered! Got a good few laughs out of that one. Yeah, we were REALLY bored...

My son and I do something similar with the TV. We make sentances by switching channels, and end up with some pretty funny stuff. Start off on one channel with the beginning of a sentance, then switch quickly to another station to complete it.

And then there's Google. Most of my blog hits are courtesy of Google. Some of them are rather amusing.

Take yesterday's hits, for example. One search that landed here (somehow!) was "for better or for worse is about", and directly after that there was a search for "downloadable false marriage certificates"! Hmmm.... I have to wonder if they're connected.

Google, the all-knowing Magic Box of Lies.