Shopping in Africa

Shopping in Africa is like shopping nowhere else. On Friday afternoon my son and I were lunching at our favourite place (the Spur), and half-way through the meal a huge racket started up nearby. Sounded like either the roof was falling in (over a couple of minutes) or the sum total of all African tribes in the area had turned up with their drums.

Well, it was neither, but rather a small group of African male dancers/drummers that were there to entertain shoppers in the climbing-wall section!

Right after lunch we popped over to see what all the noise was about, and found these gentlemen, gum-boot-dancing away and singing. They had a couple of traditional drums with them, along with a big bass one and a cymbal.

I have to admit, once they get going with the rhythm, it seeps deep into your soul, and you'd find even a staid white woman like me tapping her feet and wanting to get up and dance. .One little girl had no trouble acting on those impulses, much to the amusement of both her parents and the rest of the audience.

But don't we just have the best mall-view in the world? This large window was right behind the dancers, and overlooks the curve of mountains that shadow our bay, including the rounded one I call home.

Yup, there's nothing like shopping in Africa. You never know what you'll encounter!