Those "lovely" migration officials

Yesterday I sent this by email to the official in charge of my migration application file:

"I have received your letter, dated 25 November 2004, informing me that my
migration visa application has now been pooled for a period of 2 years.

However, this past weekend our family was informed that my mom's cancer
has spread to her liver and 12 other spots since her last scan, and is
most likely terminal within a year (maximum life expectancy 4 years).

Past correspondence with your office indicates that one of the many
reasons we submitted a migration visa application is so that I would be
able to help care for my mother, and support my father, both during her
illness and later in old age (before we knew that old age might not be an
option for my mother). They have no family in Australia other than each
other. The situation is now critical.

Is there a possibility that my migration visa application may be
re-considered on compassionate grounds, so that I can help care for my mom
in her last months/year of life, and then further help my father deal with
his loss and life afterwards, on into retirement years?

Please let me know if this is at all an option. Thank you."

This morning, this was their response:

"Dear Applicant,
In order to be granted visas under Skilled Australian Sponsored category,
the applicants have to meet the requirements and pass the points test.
You may wish to visit our website ( and
find more information on carers visa.

Please note: Answering emails takes time away from deciding migration
applications. Please be kind enough to limit correspondence to emergencies
or notification of changes in your circumstances.
Enquiries simply for progress report, or emails enquiring whether documents
have been received will generally not be responded to."

Is it that I can't read, that I don't see an actual answer to my question anywhere in that response (though I will check out the carer's visa info)? By the way, this is the selfsame response I received (obviously a "form letter") to another query I made a year ago. The only thing that has changed is the name of the case officer.

I don't even know if I want to try asking about visitor's visas...

That job offer mentioned last week has fallen through, as they need someone immediately. I guess we know exactly where we stand now! We're meant to stay here, and that's it.