Amazing how quickly a day can go from bright, sunny and full of potential to a monotonous shade of grey with threatening undertones.

Literally and figuratively.

Not only has a bank of cloud obscured the was-just-getting-up sun, but one thing on top of another has descended on Monday, making me want to crawl back into bed and lock the world out.

Yup, no salary today. Seeds of serious doubt sown by colleague as to both my chances of getting that job and my chances of succeeding at it. Resultant serious seeds of self-doubt about getting out of ruts and making a decent go of life. (And no, I didn't win the lotto - there will be no shortcut to dreams here) Bosses making decisions that affect a number of us, then buggering off to a conference without informing those who it affects, leaving us to pick up certain rather sticky pieces and make unknown decisions work. Other bosses who rudely mow down an innocent inquiry - as per their usual style. Headache, over-tired, hunger pangs, haven't had enough water this morning...

The one bright spot in my day is a huge vase of arum lilies on my desk from my garden. And the notion that "this too shall pass". Perhaps that spare block of fudge in my desk drawer will aid in turning the grey to light once more?