Strain in the Brain

Apologies for not posting my usual copious amounts of mindless drivel - but I have been BUSY today, not busy-running-around, but busy-brain-expanding.

Should I progress to a further interview I want to know what's cutting in certain areas and be able to ask intelligent questions, so have (as per my usual methods) dived into full-scale internet searching, tutorials, articles and brain-popping learning.

I've found out how to stream media (and subsequently put up one of the college choir songs on our site for visitor's listening pleasure before they buy the latest CD), I have attempted to get my head around Flash (and failed at Step 1, which will need further investigation and a larger screen on the help menu to make any sense of it, although I've printed out a large manual - which states "first do the tutorials in the help section"... great...). I have compared sites similar to the one I could be working on, and seen just how complicated it can get - and figured out how to do live score updates from whomever is in the field without me having to sit on a computer 24/7. I have fiddled with graphics and found a way to make things move without Flash, and then put up an animated "download the latest" button on the current work site. I have put into motion a plan to get a media editor on my machine, and to put ALL the college CDs available for sale online - on both the current and the to-be-uploaded-next-week sites. I have updated the events photo albums and the "what's new" page.

In short, I have most certainly EARNED my salary today.

Yet I find myself wishing I had more hours left here. And that my brain would absorb stuff quicker. And that I could plug myself in to the sources of knowledge all over the net and just upload it all to my head. And that I knew how to do the first steps in both PhotoShop and Flash (like opening a picture or inserting one! geez, I'm useless sometimes).

Thankfully, the day is nearly done. My brain is starting to overheat and before it bursts into flames the working hours will forcibly end. I can't stay late here tonight - my friend and I have a table booked for 5:30, so it's home, change and get to the restaurant right after work. Just as well. I suspect that if I didn't have a kid to go home to each night and lunchtime, my butt would meld to this chair permanently as I laid hands and mind on anything and everything I came across.

OK, time to relax now. A bit of mindless student processing is in order.

Back tomorrow!