The Single Life

I seem to have bad luck with dates. First one stands me up, then another doesn't have time to actually go on one, and then last night's one was an hour late! :)

I had arranged to meet my good friend Gail at 5:30 for an early, but lengthy, supper. Got there in time, waited around in the car, then waited around outside - then just went in and sat down at our table. Got out the cellphone, got hold of her ex and found out she thought we were meeting at 6:30 (just before my battery died). Gave me time for a leisurely drink by the fireplace before she arrived. And we made the most of our night out when she did. Supper ended at 10 after some pretty excellent food and even better conversation.

We are two of what used to be called the 3 Musketeers. The three of us girls having exactly 10 years between each of us. And me being the youngest. In spite of the immense age gaps we got along famously - until I left the church the other 2 still attend and found myself cold-shouldered by the oldest member of our group. It wasn't intentional, she just couldn't relate to why I did what I did.

But Gail and I have remained good friends. We don't get to spend as much time together as we used to, but when we do we chat and chat and chat. Last night was no exception. And you know, it was really great! I don't have a lot of close friends, especially female friends. I don't get to talk heart-to-heart very often. It was just what I needed.


Rather strange getting up this morning with no mid-morning lunchbox to pack for the kid, no complaints about lights going on in the dark, no humming and hawing over what's for breakfast and no kid's programme blaring forth from the TV. All was quiet, I slept in a bit, and I got to work a whole half-hour early!

Wonder how the kid is doing?