Ever get to the stage where you're trying to get so much into your brain at one time that it just simply throws its hands up in the air and stalls completely?

I'm SO there right now.

I've been trying to get a multitude of different programming/web writing languages into my head, all at the same time. But typically I'm not working on one to completion, rather jumping around and just confusing myself.

Then when it comes to bedtime I lie there with "must do's" knocking around my brain, shifting it up into overdrive so I can't sleep. And when I DO finally sleep the darned yappers across the road start up (their owners tend to watch DVDs at a window-rattling volume until all hours, so don't hear them). Who on God's green earth can sleep through the bark of a Miniature Doberman Pinscher? It's the kind of sound that travels through your body and tingles in every jangled nerve. A bit like mild shock therapy to the totally-relaxed muscles.

I came to work today with a long to-do list, knowing that I could have used all those empty days in the past to get some of this done.

Yet now my brain simply has given up. I can't think of anything I wanted to do, nor of how to solve the problem of non-scrolling scrolling news tickers (and their strange fonts), nor of anything I wanted to update/upgrade/complete/whatever.

The head's gone into weekend mode. Point of no return. All I can manage is to sit here and stare at the screen, wondering what's next.