Are you talking to me?

Someone seems to be trying to get a message through.

I turn on Oprah and it's all about reworking your body or looking better with mere clothes changes (today we get a dose of "look 10 years younger instantly", which I also need). I watch ads and Clicks is advertising a special on a little box of home-exercise stuff (resistance band, big rubber ball thingy etc). I turn on Three Talk (local talk show) and it's about probiotic foods and healthy eating. I watch Top Billing and see the cast of Chicago sweating it out at the gym - and looking damn fine too! (oh jealousy!) And Dr Phil's at it again with his Weight Loss Challenge.

I put on my jeans, and they're more than a little on the tight side...

Everywhere I turn someone seems to be saying I need to get back in shape, and offering me advice/equipment to do so. Or there are gorgeous bods advertising BioSlim or some other wonder pill. Or just plain good-looking people feeling healthy and fit - while I slouch around in slippers and tracksuits, feeling neither healthy nor fit.

Or maybe it's that this is (officially) the last month of winter. Spring's up next, then summer - and we ALL want summer-bods, don't we? It's getting lighter earlier in the mornings. It's still extremely chilly, but one of these days I could actually wake up early and go walk the dogs again (goodness knows they need it almost as much as I do). Or get up and actually USE those Tae-Bo tapes I bought a year or so back. Or something like that.

Perhaps the media is focusing on all us winter-bods out there, targeting us for their products and "look like this" campaigns. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something. Or it might just be my guilty conscience speaking. Um, SHOUTING.