I'm "sitting on the horns of a dilemma", so to speak - and they're pretty sharp horns at that.

I made an innocent enquiry by email (fortunately used Gmail and not the work address) re a position advertised nearby, just whether it was still open. And got a "desperate" email back saying they're urgently looking for someone and please submit my CV right away!

Then asked about salary - and it seems not much better than I'm getting here, but I can't quite figure out how their payment plan works, as there are a few confusing typos in the email. On the plus-side it's in an area where living is cheap, so could survive on much less. On the minus side, that area is also way out in the bush (OK, about 2 hour's drive from here in a little town by the name of Bonnievale), and I'm not sure there's an English primary school there for the kid. But then again we've wanted to live more rurally, and this is DEFINITELY rural. It's also a beautiful area to be, a cheese & winelands valley with broad river and low mountains and all that stuff.

I have yet to send in my CV. I'm almost scared to do so! If they're that desperate, and can use the skills I currently have (I've seen examples of the work they'd need done online), then I'm very likely to get the job.

Which means a big move.

To a little town.

Out in the bundu's.

And a dramatic change in EVERYTHING we know, love and do in our lives - from shopping each week at a big mall, to having access to all the city ameneties, to being 10 minutes from the beach and a half-hour from our relatives in Cape Town (who I haven't heard from in 2 months, so perhaps that one doesn't matter as much).

As I said - these are very sharp horns! :)

I'll probably end up submitting the CV, but the hard part will come if they want me...