Off to a mediocre start...

Not that it was a bad weekend, but I don't think I should be here. I'm coming down with something (the inevitable flu, perhaps), and am not in the mood to be nice to people this morning.

Also, thanks to a mountain walk and 2 hours in the garden yesterday, random sets of muscles are aching. A good thing, considering how little exercise I've had recently.

I accomplished some good stuff this weekend - I managed to buy photo paper and frames (to use some of our pictures as home-decoration), reposition an inherited painting (and discover how not to bash in your fingernails putting up a picture hook - tape it down first, then bash it), and grabbed a MAJOR bargain on a DVD (new Hillsong one, which I didn't actually think I'd get, but which, when bought, came with a free CD and t-shirt! and turned out to be pretty good).

So the weekend was good, Monday morning is not.

However, there are a few things I have to do first thing this morning, and then I'll see whether I can go home and crawl into bed for a day or two.