Our Daily Bread

We're bread addicts. We go through loaves each week, simply because it's a nice stand-in for all those times we don't feel like cooking.

Breakfast for me is two slices of bread (one with Marmite, one with peanut butter) and a large cup of coffee. My son has 2 slices of toast (one with peaunut butter & Marmite, the other just peanut butter) and some milk. He gets a sandwhich for break mid-morning, while I snack on a handful of peanuts & raisins.

We eat our main meal at lunchtime, either pasta&sauce or potatoes&protein&salad, or spaghetti&sauce, or macaroni or something like that. We like a little something sweet afterwards in the form of ice-cream or a frozen popsicle or a piece of fudge or a cookie - if we've got them.

But we all fall down at suppertime. Most days I'm clueless as to what to make, and it ends up being bread. Granted, Thursday seems to have become pancake night, and now and then I'll do apple or banana muffins for supper. But that's about it. Suppers are boring.

So, I was wondering. What do you eat for your OTHER meal, that isn't breakfast or your main meal with veg etc.?

Come on - inspire me!