OK, so maybe I DO have a little to blog about today. I didn't only sit on my butt and veg out, to tell the truth.

My son and I dropped by the local craft market, which only comes to town once a month. And I'm glad I did - I've been looking for a certain something to add to a parental-care package I'm sending off, and finally found it there! From the craft market we went the opposite direction and ended up at the strawberry farm - where we invested in our first large punnet of strawberries. The price was rather excessive, but hey - I had cash in the pocket and it was burning a hole. Do you know how wonderful strawberries taste after winter? That first sweet promise of sun-warmed, cream-dipped spring to follow, and then pots and pots of home-made strawberry jam, the best you've ever tasted - just a whiff will send you into ecstasy!

And then the cold front moved in. It was pretty chilly this weekend, and it rained a lot. All of which is very conducive to sleeping until 10 and not setting a foot outdoors. A good day to watch The Day After Tomorrow, which we did. Nothing like the USA getting it's butt kicked by nature (with apologies to the USAs among us) to brighten a winter's day! And have you noticed that other than playing the occasional baddy, South Africa doesn't feature tht much in movies? Heck - we were in the Zone of Safety! :)

I also got to watch The Others - what a twist in the tale that one has! And Constantine - excellent graphics, Gabriel VERY well portrayed as neither male nor female, but I didn't like how it ended. The Love Letter was one of the TV movies this weekend. Amazing how a random love note can turn a pile of people's lives upside down.

And then my latest buy-from-the-net box arrived today, with Spy Kids 3D, Johnny English and The Four Feathers in. Something for me, something for the kid, and something for both of us. Neighbour dropped off Hellboy too! See what I meant by not doing much other than watch movies? :)

However, I did take time to educate my son - in the joys of Google-Earthing! He spent 2 hours finding interesting stuff and marking it while I attempted to sleep off the headache that signals approaching flu. If only he didn't phone me every so often to tell me what he'd found, it might have worked...

I did some internal and external decluttering as well this weekend. The rooms I have sole control over (my room, bathroom and kitchen) are spotless. Strange how I feel a sense of peace when not surrounded by towering this and dirty that - how I enjoy walking into that room, and how it gives me space, both inside and out, to think and breathe.

And it was at that stage I realized what's bugging me. I'm 33 - I'm supposed to be at my prime. Mature, knowing where I'm headed, settled, looking good, sexual peak, all that stuff. But I'm not. I feel old and tired, worn out and beaten down, unsure of myself and hating what the mirror tells me, long past getting a second look from passers-by. It's like I've lost the plot, missed the plan, got left out in the rain while the rest of the 33-year-old world parties on, being successful and age-appropriate. So I'm working on changing it, one bit at a time. I can picture the me that's fighting to get out, the who and what and where I am. But it needs supergluing to the current me, it needs to stick.

So that's where I'm at after too much weekend, too much time to think and veg.

And no, before you ask - yet again the thought of actually going to a church didn't cross our minds. I don't know when it next will, but probaby not soon. For now we're still "free"...