Two in one day

Why do people do this? Why do they throw a newborn baby out into the cold, to live or die as fate decrees?

First, Hope was found just down the road from me (in a nearby suburb), newly born and crying in cold, wet weather. If she hadn't been found, she would not have made it through the night. She's now warm and safe at our local hospital.

And a baby boy was found stuffed into a shoebox, newly born, lying in an alley in Johannesburg. He was taken to a home for abandoned babies - just in time. Doors of Hope operates a "baby post box". Mothers may anonymously place a baby in a specially-prepared box in the wall, and an alarm will sound to let the charity know a baby has been left there. But this little boy was simply dumped.

It tears at my heart to see children's lives thrown away like this. (I have the same problem with animals being abused or neglected) Sometimes I just want to say "hey, give them to me instead of throwing them away!" (And sometimes I want to load up all the animals at the SPCA and give them a home too) I know it's not realistic - as a single mom in SA I can't even apply to adopt a child, never mind take one off the streets and give it a home.

The only thing I can do is head on down to the hospital here, armed with a pack of nappies and a baby blanket to donate to those that have landed up in a cruel, cold world with absolutely nothing.