Jumping Ship

Just had a chat to one of my (many) bosses (I seem to fall under at least 4 different departments - which means I can do my own thing without anyone checking up on me, as they all assume it's someone else's job! :)).

And it looks like I'm not the only one trying to jump ship. He is, his assistant is, my nearest colleague is... and who knows how many others are trying without saying so!

It must be a symptom of SOMETHING serious. One person recently commented that things are such a mess we should just close the place down and start again - I suspect she's on the right track.

Staff morale is very low, it's a generally-known fact. We're all paid well below competitive market levels, to the effect that no-one here could afford to buy a house, and very few can afford to live off-campus. Decisions are made that affect you - without you finding out about it until you put your foot in your mouth over something you're supposed to have known. There are so many loose ends that are never completed / followed up on / sorted out, that it seems everything is simply unravelling. Certain managers constantly get their own way, to the detriment of everyone else, and one in particular over-rules any committee decision he secretly disagrees with to do his own thing while our backs are turned. It's pretty horrific, to tell the truth.

So I've told my boss that I'm looking for another job, and why. And that I hope to be gone by the end of the year - but have already drawn up a "here's what I do and how to do it" manual for whomever they choose to appoint in my position (well, ONE of my positions - dunno what will happen to the two others that are "unofficially" mine) when I'm gone. I've sorted out files and office stuff, computer directories and junk. I'm basically set to go! But now just need to find somewhere to go to...

So yet again this weekend I'll be buying the local newspaper and scouring the classifieds for job opps. Because it's gotten to the stage where I HAVE to.