Business Start-up Plans

Funny how co-incidence works.

I had an email yesterday from someone wondering what web design courses the college offers (none!), and we emailed back and forth as I tried to find the best (other than here) option for the guy. After suggesting the same course I did (distance learning, 6 months) and finding he wanted somthing quick and short and easy, I found a couple of local computer companies that could help.

And then this morning there was an email from him, saying he'd pay me to tutor him, and if I wanted websites to develop I need only ask - he'll find me a few!


That's exactly what I was thinking of doing, once I'd gotten a bit better at Flash, CSS and JavaScript! Except now it seems to have "come upon me" a bit sooner than I expected. Which means a mad rush to update my knowledge and hone the skills until I can do whatever the next bloke can do - only better, as the next bloke's spelling often sucks. Whereas mine (generally) doesn't.

We'll see what comes of this - perhaps I CAN freelance a bit and stockpile extra cash. Pretty cool, though, hey?