Virtual Rivalry

Seems we've got a little "harmless" rivalry on our hands. Marc and I have been at it, trying to beat each other's file submission count on Google Earth Hacks, and then riling each other via MSN.

The boy thought on Friday that he was way ahead of me. He obviously hasn't checked his stats in a few days. I made the list of "top submitters" since the weekend! :)

I must say it's got me looking hard for interesting things (and trying to get the most files downloaded by others too! but he doesn't know that yet...). I've been zooming and panning and travelling all over the place. Here's what I've found. And here's what Marc's got. (He's been infringing on my Cape Town territory - why can't he stick to Durban? Oh, I know - there's not much of interest there!:) )

I can't believe I got to those Durban surfers before he did! However I have one large aim with Google Earth - and that's to find and mark the first surfer actually On A Wave. For that I'm going to need to find a good surf spot with high resolution.

Time to call up my brothers, who know it all when it come to things wave!