The post (rant?) below got me thinking... always dangerous territory for a blonde! :)

If no-one around here is offering what people are looking for - and I'm talking no OTHER institution, as well as this one! - what's to prevent a loosly-formed group of us, who have indepth knowledge of various things people want to learn, getting together and offering knowledge-based part-online courses?

Of course we won't have the backing of an official institution, but browsing job offers has made me realize that these days employers are seeking knowledge and experience over paperwork. At least here in SA, dunno about further afield. If someone is prepared to do a tutorial-type course, gaining knowledge and experience in a certain area, and be issued with a certificate to state completion (or even forgo that and simply USE what they've learnt to better their job/situation), it might actually prove to be a viable concept!

It would mean that the teachers have day-jobs, but share knowledge on a part-time basis and offer ask-a-real-person advice if the learner hits a snag. Can be done online, by email, post, couple of contact hours, whatever. Depending on subject matter.

OK, it's just a thought. Don't shoot me down in flames. Unfortunately I'm the type who sees a need and tries to fill it, and I'm seeing a lot of those lately.