Kids these days!

I had to conted with the ongoing song "I'm BORED!" all weekend. Including as soon as the kid lay down in bed, and when we'd just walked in the door from a morning out, and when we sat down to admire the view, or had put the last bite of lunch in our mouths.

I honestly don't know what to do with him!

Now in MY day (geez, don't I sound old), we were constantly outdoors, running in the bush, making forts and treehouses, on our bikes, swimming in rain-clogged ditches, you name it.

Then again we didn't have a TV or computer or any "entertainment"...

And perhaps therein lies the problem?

Kids are so used to being entertained now that they can't go make their own fun anymore. He's sick of his friends, his fingers are worn out on the PS2, he's read everything and built everything from Lego he wants to, and simply sitting and watching the world go by leaves him cold. Unlike me.

I wish I knew what to tell hiim when the ongoing song comes up YET again at the weekend. Some days I want to chuck all his entertaining stuff out the window and tell him to lump it. But I can't. Doesn't work that way.

So what does? How do I get him to enjoy doing nothing without being bored? And I do I prevent myself from going totally nuts in the process??? :)