Payday is just around the corner, and you know what's on my "luxury items" list this month? A drill (with bits box), a jigsaw and a rotary sander!

Yup, weird for a women. Probably should be lipstick, perfume and nylons, but anyhow.

You see, for years now I've been dying to start creating my own furnishings - easy stuff like bookshelves and tables and cupboards and stuff. I've got random sketches all over the house, and some cool ideas for unusual items. I've figured out joins and things - and checked them with my woodworking neighbour who says I'm right. I've been eying those pieces of equipment every time I see them. I bought an electric screwdriver last payday - but the remainder of our "luxury money" went on a workbench for my son's room to organize his toys. This one:

It was a bargain - more than a third of the price off - and only JUST fitted in the car to get it home. It's just over waist high, bigger than it looks in the pic.

But this month it's time to finally get my power-toys. My books are still taking over, and my shelves for magazines groaning. Time for the first of my projects! (Second on the list is a variety of wood boxes to fit the workbench and replace the current cardboard ones...)

So I've located the best options on equipment, found a source for nice cheap pine, and away we'll go. I can't wait!