On the up

What a difference a few hours, a bit of hard work and a long-lost friend make!

I got stuck into the last of that website upgrade I'm doing this morning, and it's looking pretty good. Not as nice as I'd like it to look (with Flash and all the bells/whistles), but better than the current version and with a lot more info. That got me focussed on things other than my pitiful self.

Half-way through the morning I found a business card of an old colleauge and gave her a call just to say hi, how you doing. Well, she was on her way here to pick up kids and stopped in for nearly an hour's chat. And tea (which I haven't had in years!). It must be her British background... :) It was really good to reconnect again, to catch up on the news and what's been going on in each other's lives, to realize we're still very good friends.

She asked in the course of conversation who I connect with here. She remembers dropping in to the building to copy something and spending so much time chatting to various folk that she left an hour later. And it struck me that I actually don't connect with anyone. There are a number of cliques, but I've never been party to that - not even in school days. I'm on the outside of just about every friendly grouping here! So perhaps that's one aspect of my dissatisfaction right now. I simply am not making a connection.

Anyway, one cup of green tea, a good chat and a lot of work later, and life looks considerably rosier.