Mobile Goalposts

In a fit of fed-up-ness, I spent time over at a couple of employment sites again this morning. Just window-shopping for what's out there.

And I've realized the goalposts keep moving.

I'd like to go into web design, but it will take me so long to develop the necessary skills that by the time I do they'll be outdated. I can't learn full-time, and already feel so overwhelmed by what I SHOULD know, that it's got my feet stuck in the mud, right here and now.

I know I have to find a new job or get around to properly employing myself as soon as possible (before I run out of places to hide the bodies). The latter now seems more likely (self-employment, not body-hiding). I've been meaning to get my business off the ground for years, but it's like jumping for something just out of your reach - your fingertips feel it, but you can't get a grasp.

I know that further down the line I can combine both options. But I've been trying to reach them both at the same time, and it's simply not working. It's just adding to this immense sense of discouragement that's got a hold of me today. Not a good thing.

Later today I'm going to sit down with a pen and paper and plot out the precise from-here-to-there steps to get going in my business. The website learning will have to come in my free time (though I have a website for the business in mind and will be registering a domain name in about a week, essential to marketing my products and services). My business involves things I really enjoy doing - I just baulk at having to sell them to a market. I've never been good at sales pitches, being both shy and insecure in my abilities. But if I'm to make any cash from doing what I enjoy, I'm going to have to suck it up and learn how.

For now I feel that I should just stick to what I know well and make it a success, instead of doing a lot of what I sorta know half-way. Make sense? Yup, I think it does.