Music Mania

Along with a re-discovered love for the Crash Test Dummies (did you know they've just release their 8th album?), I've been developing a taste for local talent.

I never really took much notice of most of our local artists. Sad to say. The international stars were all over the place, in your face. The locals were harder to find - until my brother joined a newly-formed "Dorp" as lead guitarist and certain well-known folk started streaming through our house. He even played on their first CD, but left the band shortly afterwards. One of the guys (Mybergh) has just released his first solo album post-Dorp, and is doing very well for himself! He's playing live locally this weekend - I hope he gets a full house.

I got my hands on an Arno Carstens album recently, and the boy can rock! (Click the link, go to "media" and watch/listen to "Another Universe" - one of my favourites) I'm rather fond of Karen Zoid too. Another chick who rocks, naturally and all-out. (Hopefully her site will soon have a bit of audio) Years ago Bright Blue had a hit with "Weeping", which went all over the world and still makes me want to cry when I hear it. I've always loved Johnny Clegg's sound and lyrics. Most of South Africa does, as evidenced by his performance at the 46664 concert earlier this year.

However, to be honest, I'm still seriously lacking when it comes to local music knowledge. And local music talent is still seriously lacking overseas too. A few bands have made it big, but they're far between. Most well-known are the Soweto String Quartet and Ladysmith Black Mombazo I guess. Good talent, well introduced overseas. The latter got to hang out with famous types like Paul Simon and Dolly Parton.

I don't listen to the radio much (the one in the car is major dodgy, and when I'm at home I'm busy with other things). That's perhaps why I know less about local music than I should. But I'm getting there. I stopped off in Musica this weekend, looking at the local's section, and recognized a few songs/names that I didn't know were SAfrican. It's a start.

And the way our boyjties and chicks are going - things can only get better from here on locally!