Summer in the city

We've got the most gorgeous weather today - due to hit around 30C. Yesterday was perfect for washing / hanging around outdoors too.

I love it when things start warming up, when the shadow of the flats moves back across the lawn and leaves us sunlight to sit in until late afternoon. The birds are up earlier, the light is stronger and I get to walk to work in sunshine.

It's not the kind of day to be office-bound, but I'm going to make the most of the non-office bits. Lunch will be had outdoors under the mulberry tree. The lawn gets mowed after work, and one of the rose beds weeded. We'll linger outside until sunset, catching the last possible rays of sun - talking of which, my winter glow-in-the-dark whiteness got it's first taste of summer tan yesterday while I sat around basking in warm rays.

The only thing I'm NOT looking forward to as the seasons change is the darned gale-force south-easter that comes up during summer. Even if it's boiling hot, we don't dare open any windows for fear of ending up in Cape Town! We suffer in oppressive still air while the wind howls around outside...

But those days are hopefully a few months off. As Spring springs, we get to enjoy the leftover greens of winter rain, and the warmth of the beginnings of summer. No wonder I enjoy the in-betweens of Autumn and Spring so much.

It ain't as warm as we thunk it was... Just been home for lunch and back, and am glad I gotta jacket! That's what happens when a chilly, damp breeze starts moving in I guess.