On a lighter note...

We went to see "Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3D" last weekend. Pretty cool movie, though I'm sure it would have been better if they'd done a Polarized version (like the 4D thing we saw at Seaworld in Australia, where all the colours showed up correctly) instead of your average-joe red/blue glasses one.

Being thus in movie mode, we went forth to Game (big shop here) and invested in 7 DVDs. No, we weren't rolling in cash. I got one 4-in-one special for R80, another double-special for R150 and bought the boy his heart's desire for R150 too. OK, so we had newly-paid salary in the bank, and it was burning a hole... But it WAS a good investment. It will keep us busy for ages to come.

And one of these days we'll need a DVD rack. We're having to double-pack the videos in the cupboard to get our growing collection in...

Needless to say, while the weather did it's cold and wet thing outside, we got square eyes. We watched an awful lot of stuff, including all the programmes I'd taped the previous week.

Apparently there's another cold front on the way this weekend. It doesn't look like it - it's an absolutely gorgeous day outside and it's a sin to have to sit in an office. But if it's going to rain and all that, at least we won't be bored!