Celebrity Crush

I think I've developed a case of Celebrity Crush. Not the I'll-stalk-you-until-you-marry-me variety, but the wow-what-an-actor kind.

Object of said crush? Nicholas Cage.

Now he may not be the best-looking dude, and I don't think I've ever drooled over his physique. He DOES have rather piercing eyes and I guess he's basically agreeable to look at. Movie hunk? Nah, not really.

And yet the boy can ACT!

Take Face/Off for example, where he easily switches between good guy / bad guy and back again. Awesome stuff. And City of Angels - a darned fine impression of a black-clothed angel. Snake Eyes - manic, slightly-dirty cop. And my current addiction, Gone in 60 Seconds (which my son absolutely loves too!) - the good guy reluctantly going bad (and enjoying the hell out of the trip). National Treasure - he did well there too. And he's done so many movies that I could go on and on and on.

Yup, I think I gotta crush.