It's a start...

I've just registered a domain name for my business. You may think this is the "wrong end of the stick" when starting out, that I should rather have all my products lined up and be selling them before I get a website, but that's just how I'm going about things.

I want to make sure that along with each product, I have a website that lists the other things available, more info on what the business is all about etc. So first comes my domain name (and website, currently being worked on), which I can put on any business cards, product labels - heck, even my car! Though I'm not sure I'd want to advertise my business on my current, rather crummy car... :) It wouldn't exactly give the best impression of what it's all about!!!

So this is a start in the right direction. And a seemingly big step too, as it's cost me money to register, which now requires a committment to getting the darned thing finally off the ground. No more waffling around, no more humming and hawing, and hoping something else will come up that will take the pressure off me to get my thing going. It's a toe in the pool and I'm getting ready to dive right in.

Within 6 months I hope to have it running smoothly enough to be self-supporting, or as near to it as I can get. That means I'll have to hang around my current job for a little while longer, but with a goal in mind and something to work toward I'll be able to handle it better.

Wish me luck!