Dogs, dogs - everywhere!

I've got a slight case of around-the-neck sunburn, all thanks to a day in the great outdoors.

This weekend saw a local dog show take place - of the "beauty" variety, where dogs are judged on their attributes as they run or stand around a ring. We thought we'd drop by, as we love dogs. Were also hoping to finally meet the breeder of one of ours.

We were surprised by the extent of the show. It probably wasn't huge by show standards, but it covered a lot of space with each owner having set up a tent around the ring where they'd be judged, to keep the sun off their little darlings, contain the cages and provide room for grooming and chatting.

First things first, we went looking for Schipperkes - and found at least 6 of them, farmed out between 2 tents. Including the breeder! And one arrogant uncle who claimed that "this is the BEST Schipperke in South Africa". May have been, but it wasn't too friendly.

We wandered around a bit, and saw more varieties of beast than we could remember seeing in one place ever before.

Of course I was snapping happily away, and you can see an abbreviated photo album right here. (If you go there for nothing else, go to check out the "Like dog like owner" pics!!!)

It was on the hot side, and after a few hours and a Coke each, my son started to feel a bit ill. Sunstroke. Oh great. We always seem to forget the hats and sunscreen. The last time this happened I ended up with the worst burn I've ever had, turning nearly black as the red faded to a "tan", which then peeled off in patches later.

Well, I sent him off to the car to rest up in the shade. And throw up, as I found out later. Which cut short our day outdoors.

But we had a great time while it lasted!

This area is SO into horses and dogs and country persuits, that any such event is not only well-supported, but a lot of fun to attend. Next year we'll bring our hats!