Is it Thursday already???

This week has completely flown past. Most of it I spent thinking it was Wednesday, but now it's nearly over.

Things I learnt/re-learnt this week:

1. Dancing is both an excellent mood lifter and darned good exercise. A recent TV ad uses the music from "Smoke on the Water" (Deep Purple) and my son loves it. So I found it on one of my CDs, turned it up loud, and danced around the lounge while waiting for him to finish his homework. Then found a couple more cool songs on the same CD, jumped around to them too - and found all that exercise had me way too awake. Didn't get to sleep until well after 11! :)

2. I love evening light. That bit where the sun is sinking, and everything turns golden. Last night was perfect. I hauled out my little camera and took over 100 pics while the sun slowly disappeared. Some awesome stuff. I think I can now count "photography" as an official hobby. I'm so glad I got my little camera!. Although it's small, it does some pretty good stuff.

3. I am not super-woman. Yeah, I know, none of you thought I was. But I tend to try act like it at times, putting too many things into my day, too many responsibilities, too much activity. I seriously need to get back to taking breaks, breathing deeply, relaxing more and leaving some things completely alone. I can't do or know or experience everything, especially not all at the same time.

4. Timing is everything. Seems our Shavathon event is not going to work out. Not only have we run out of registration time before we could get approval from the Powers That Be here, but the date is slap-bang in the middle of exams, the campus will be empty, and the other schools are baulking. If we'd woken up sooner and had time to advertise it would have been a lot better. So, instead of hosting a major event, I'm going to try find little ways to help CANSA, the folk affected by the illness and the organizations that support them. I may/may not yet shave the head, but there are probably more effective ways for me to make a difference than going bald.

5. I have an awesome son. He's 12, heading for teen years, and it's a stage most parents dread. But he's not your average almost-teen. Sure, we bump heads now and then, but it's more light-hearted than in-your-face serious. It may have something to do with me being a really lax parent - not worrying if he wants to go pierce things or dye things or wear stuff that I wouldn't be seen dead in. And not requiring him to be something he isn't. Or is that, perhaps, good parenting? Dunno, I've always just played the parenting game by ear. It's worked so far!

6. I can no longer "fart around" with my finances. It's time to think seriously about where we're going wrong and why, and how to fix it. Before it all goes completely pear-shaped and I end up deep in irretriveable debt for way too long. I know I sort this one out. Can't let it slide no more. I have the potential to fix it, and I'm gonna.

7. I've had this overwhelming desire for dark-choc truffles all week. Tomorrow being our shopping day, I may just succumb. Life is too short not to eat chocolate. I've said it before - there's no guarantee that the Hereafter contains any trace of chocolate, so let's just get all we can while on earth now, shall we? :)

Enough rambling. Going to get down to the business of clearing my desk, then get working on my business website.