Nifty and Green!

I got into conversation with a collegue a few minutes ago, and the subject of building using cheap and easy, sustainable means came up - she wants to buy a smallholding sometime, and will need to live on it. Being rather addicted to simple living, sustainable, green subjects, I promised her a couple of links. Can you believe she'd never heard of houses made from sandbags?? :)

While at it, I remembered there's a local company that provides wood flat-pack houses at a tiny cost. They come with walls already done, you just need to put them together upright. Anything from a one-room wendyhouse to a multi-room home, and they look amazing too!

But they don't have a website. Darn. See? Your business NEEDS to be online!

That didn't stop me from searching though, and in the course of Googling I came across a marvellous online magazine that looks at green housing and other goodies.

Treehugger (appropriately) lists some wonderfully nifty thingies, and some incredible jaw-dropping alternatives to your average 4 walls.

Apparently I have green blood - I WANT those! And I want to protest outside my boss's office that we need to implement things like a Living Wall too... :) Unfortunately, I'm kooky around here - no-one seems particularly concerned with environment, aesthetics, recycling or whatever.

Which leads me to conclude it's time I found that blank land I've been hankering for and did at little damage to it as possible, while building up my dream.

One day....