Of Boys and Sleepovers

My son has a new-ish best friend. Elden replaces the one that lives 3 doors down, who got a bit irritating after 6 years. He stays quite a distance from us, so we thought it would be cool if he could come by sometime. Perhaps on Friday afternoon, or even to stay overnight on Friday, and then meet up with his parents at church the next day.

Well, we put the idea to him yesterday, and not only was he enthusiastic, but proposed to extend it to the Whole Weekend!

Of course I wasn't consulted - but why should I be? I'm just the mom...

Today we hear, yes - he's coming. Yes - for the entire weekend, right up to Monday morning!!!

I sincerely hope these guys don't get sick of each other after 3 hours. I hope he doesn't go carrying stories to his more-coveservative-than-us parents about what heathens we are. I hope he doesn't mind attending his church on his own, or mind going along to our church! And I hope we get the house cleaned up in time and find an extra mattress tomorrow, so the kid is at least comfortable.

We're not really set up for sleepovers. Our place is very small. We don't have an extra bed, just a rather narrow couch that I end up on if my bed is used for visitors. I ain't going there for a kid though. So I'm going to be looking for one of those inflatable ones that we can stick away in a cupboard when not in use.

Today I've set my son to cleaning up his toys. I'll do a bit of extra scrubbing once I get home. And then start thinking up ways (other than the PS2) to keep two pre-teen boys occupied for an Entire Weekend. Pray that the weather holds and we're not all stuck indoors...

And pray for me! :)