Today's to-do list

1. Breathe deeply.

2. Stare regularly out the window at non-manmade things.

3. Liberally apply stress anti-perspirant (don't sweat - especially not the small stuff).

4. Blink - don't stare. Give eyes break from the flickering computer screen of death every so often.

5. Smile. Even if it's that bloke you truly can't stand.

6. Sit up straight.

7. Eat slowly - don't gobble. You're not a turkey.

8. Stand up straight.

9. Find something to laugh out loud at today.

10. Work more, blog less.

11. Get a bit of daydreaming in, in lieu of a tea-break.

12. Take a walk.

13. Swallow irritation. Don't let it fester and turn into something much worse.

14. Find the good in people, situations and life.

15. Drink lots of water.