Purpose-driven Day

Nope, not another best-selling series. And I'm NOT about to go buy any Purpose-driven underwear, a Purpose-driven car, or any other Purpose-driven whatevers!

It's just that there's a bit of light in the tunnel (and not just at the end) today, and I have a couple of good things to work towards. That's always energy-producing, especially if they're things you like doing, and perhaps don't have much to do with Actual Work.

Things like registering my business's domain name and starting the website. Finding a good hosting service, investigating the how's of e-commerce to get the nitty-gritty right, and getting back to my Kenyan friend who has a lot of good contacts for the free-trade, organic, shade-grown coffee I plan to offer for sale soon...! :)

Then there's my newly-arrived Flash book that I need to open up and start learning from. Can't wait to get that stuff into my head!

And my Actual Work (which mostly I enjoy) has a few items needing attention, which I'll get to shortly.

It helps that the sun in shining, the south-easter tossing whitecaps on the sea has yet to reach here, birdlife is everywhere and spring is bursting from the plum trees. Very often the weather influences my outlook. Coffee in early-morning breezeless sunshine just somehow starts the day off on a good note.

So onwards to my Purpose-driven day! Here's to accomplishing good things.