Tagged by the guy who takes things apart and then can't put them back together again so buys a new one secretly

How's that for a record? My longest blog heading ever! You can thank Chitty, the demolisher of all things mechanical.

So here goes. 20 random things about me, and then I get to tag a few of you - so don't skip over to the next blog just yet...

1. I'm considering dying my hair red. But I think I'm a bit too scared to.
2. My first boyfriend was an American named Jason. It lasted all of 2 days, because his family moved back to the USA just after he asked me out. I was 8, I think.
3. However, I didn't kiss a guy until I was 15!
4. I still have the first black lace G-string I ever bought. But it's for sentimental value only, not daily use.
5. I sometimes give my son the slice of bread I've dropped on the floor. What he doesn't see won't hurt him... :)
6. I was born in East London, South Africa. I've only been back there once.
7. I love the feel of mud squishing through my toes.
8. I don't like the beach. Too much sand. And that little cold breeze thing? No thanks.
9. Darn, this is harder than I thought. I must be a really boring person! :)
10. I have a scar on one knee where I fell out of a moving train in front of a carriage full of good-looking guys.
11. I have a scar on the other knee where I wiped out on a tar road age 6, in Mutari - Zimbabwe.
12. I love climbing trees. Haven't done it in years, but still admire a good climbing tree when I see one.
13. I got thrown by a galloping horse when I was a kid. Twice. Within 5 minutes. By the same darned horse.
14. I would love to be an archeologist.
15. I have no fillings in my teeth.
16. I pick my nose when no-one's looking.
17. I once skinny-dipped with sharks. Not that I knew they were there. Only found out when the sun came up a few hours later over the sea...
18. I have joined the mile-high club.
19. I once dressed up as a bride, got my brother to hold the end of the blanket which served as a veil, and walked up the aisle in church while my dad was preaching and my mom was outside watching the other brother, singing "here comes the bride" under my breath. It's likely to be the only time I walk up the aisle dressed as a bride.
20. One of the above is not true.

OK, that took me 12 minutes thanks to an interrupting phone call. So the 12 folk I'm tagging are:

1. Bill at Achieveable Ends (because I'm still getting to know you).
2. Marc at Durbzblog (to help your resolution to blog more often along a bit).
3. Kel at X-facta (because I'm feeling guilty that I haven't done your 31 things tag yet).
4. Patchouli (just because).
5. Kendra at Tagebuch (if you can find time between Nathaniel, husband and work!).
6. Ian at his Messy Desk (not that you need post-fodder!).
7. Thomas at Willams World (because you haven't updated anything since Monday).
8. Laura at Been There / Still There (because it's been a while).
9. Buddess (because Chitty tagged you, and I'm going to too, so you HAVE to do it now! :) ).
10. Christine at Epiphany (because I said so).
11. IreneQ (so you have something to do other than look for a date... :) ).
12. Kelly at KellyWell (so I have lots to read on your blog and an excuse to stick around).

I'm pretty sure most of you will not get around to it, but if you do I'm there and reading! :)