What working hours?

It's just after 6pm - actually more like 6:30, and here I sit at work again.

It's been a continuation of last week's Week From Hell today. Just never seems to end! If I had only one function it would be fine, but suddenly I'm the expert on matters Printing and Computing and Advertising, even Translating!

In between all that, my son's first art lesson required a half-hour commute either way, the second time through rush-hour traffic. And I learnt what happens when you end up in the wrong lane at a single intersection and have to take the long way around through all the other traffic trying to find shortcuts... At least I've learnt my lesson on that one.

Just as we got home, the megaboss called. The thing I'd completed as I left needed to be emailed to him too for printing elsewhere and in another format, so I had to traipse down the hill to do just that and see the printer bloke (a relative of the megaboss) to make sure everything was OK. Sometimes living and working within metres of each other can be a pain in the rear end!

In the meantime the kid sits at home catching up on the afternoon's missed-but-taped TV shows and pondering what it is he would like to eat for supper. His first art class was not a raging success, but not a dismal failure either. Being on the shy side, he's going to take some time to warm up to both the teachers and the other students. He'll also need to learn how things happen there, and to speak up if he needs something or wants help. I felt a bit bad just dropping him in a strange environment and leaving, but that's how life happens.

And so the sun sets, I am ready to collapse (that for-massage-only-and-then-you-can-leave husband I blogged about a year back? I need him tonight...:) ), but I have to plod back up the hill home.

Perhaps THEN this working day will finally end.