Check your logical thinking at the gate, please

The maintenance guys here have been renovating the college hall's exterior for the past few weeks. We've watched as they shift their scaffolding around the building, and feared for their lives as they all hung out on the SAME side of the scaffolding 4 stories up while painting - I hope that structure is not only balanced, but securely so!

They're nearly done, and it's just struck me that they've missed something (besides two spots still awaiting paint up near the roof).

There were a few damp patches on the walls thanks to leaking gutter systems. These, of course, developed a nice pattern of algae/mildew all the way down the building, so they scraped the plaster off, re-did it and painted it. They painted the gutters too. But I don't think anyone has actually FIXED the gutters! Nor cleaned them out...

What the...?

Within a couple of months, good rain willing, those ugly damp spots are going to start reappearing!

They did something similar on a house too. The roof was leaking, staining the ceiling boards inside. So of course they FIRST fixed the ceiling boards, then fixed the roof. While they were still hammering on supports for the new roof (they simply put it on over the old one), it rained heavily and work was halted for a few weeks. Undoing all their ceiling work inside...

Sometimes I wonder if there's a box at our security gate wherein all those who enter the grounds throw their logical thinking. I've seen evidence that it could be true, and not just in the maintenance department. It seems to run across the board of departments, industries, offices and institutions here.

Very, very strange.

Of course, I'm COMPLETELY immune to the syndrome! :)